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Payroll Management

Timesaving Technology.

Spend more time concentrating on what your business does best.  How?  By placing your past employees, retirees and interns on our payroll.  HRTMS Payroll Services allows companies to retain proven talent while eliminating the administrative burden associated with payroll deductions, insurance, workers' compensation and more.

We handle every aspect of the payroll process, from implementing timekeeping strategies to delivering or direct-depositing paychecks.  HRTMS® assumes all legal obligations for Payroll Service employees' wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation.

Retain Proven Talent.  Eliminate Administrative Burden.
HRTMS Payroll Services provides convenient payroll and administrative options for part-time, full-time and non-traditional employees, including:

  • * Contract workers
  • * Customer-site employees
  • * Family members
  • * Flex-time workers
  • * Freelancers
  • * Interns
  • * Laid-off employees
  • * Retirees
  • * Staff for special projects
* Students 

HRTMS Select Reduces the Hiring Risk

Statistics have shown that approximately 21 administrative tasks are completed for every new hire. Accomplishing these tasks will absorb nearly 53 hours of your staff's valuable time. Yet there's still no guarantee that your new employee will fit well within your organization. HRTMS Select offers a hassle-free, worry-free alternative—one that's guaranteed to minimize the hiring risk and save your business time and money.

HRTMS Payroll Services Features

     Your Benefits

HRTMS assumes all legal obligations for select employees' wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation

  • * Reduced administrative time
  • * Peace of mind that payroll is being handled conscientiously, according to state and local laws
  • * Centrally-coordinated consistency for multiple locations

Your company continues to review employee time cards to verify hours worked

  • * Retained onsite accuracy and cost-control benefits

HRTMS provides simple weekly invoicing, including digitally imaged time card copies

  • * Invoicing accuracy confirmation
  • * Significantly improved record-keeping
  • * Reduced overhead and paperwork without sacrificing quality

HRTMS handles all payroll-related employee issues and concerns, from supplying customized enrollment packets to fielding payroll questions

  • * Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues

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